That’s me

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Our visual perception is limited to the observation of surfaces. A body can only be made accessible by assigning various surfaces to one another. Only the perception of the other side verifies the body.

Thin bodies give up their concealment through the proximity and similarity of the opposing surface.

The space between bodies can only be experienced through the bounding surfaces, but it is accessible and can therefore be experienced.

I relate surfaces. The surfaces that create the space are thin-walled, so that they point from the outside – through themselves – into the interior.

It is my concern to design these empty spaces figuratively in such a way that they become functional as well as emotional. The space in between acts, supports and accommodates encounters, it connects or separates, communication becomes possible.

Curved wire is a spatial drawing pencil, it can span surfaces and create spaces.

Inspiration as the starting point and incarnation as the process of creation connects the spiritual with the material and accompanies my actions.

Often the starting point is the mathematical description of the areas or a rule-based generation strategy. This origin does not forbid the surprise in the forms.

Fresh or musty wood, white concrete or wire are the materials I use.

Brief CV

Born in 1954
Mechanical engineering degree
international design manager
today a pensioner

who, as an amateur and layman, practices sculpture for its own sake, i.e. out of interest and pleasure!